Integrated Home

Atmosphere Audio & Video installs quality distributed audio & video, fitting into a wide range of customer needs.

A distribution audio center for your home allows you to enjoy devices like your iPod, CD player, HDTV or other sources of sound and video in different parts of your home. One family member can listen to satellite radio in the kitchen while others enjoy the football game in the family room and the kids enjoy a DVD in the playroom. All audio and video signals are distributed from a single source with volume control, even remote control, accessible from locations throughout the house.

Triple Aray

Imagine grilling out on your deck, enjoying music stored on your computer coming from speakers mounted outside. On the other side of the house, your son washes the car while listening to his new CD coming from the garage speakers. Inside, the kids channel is on the radio in the nursery. On the plasma screen in the family room, a blockbuster film is playing in surround sound. With a home audio video distribution system, there is almost limitless potential to the media capabilities of your home or business.

During the initial visit and estimate, speaker and video locations will be planned according to your needs. We can integrate any system into any space. Show us a challenge and we’ll impress.

Integrated Home

Installation are done quickly and efficiently with careful attention to detail. All installs have a clean, professional appearance.

Customers can expect a thorough explanation of system operations made simple with a customized remote control. We design your system to be easy for you to use, without needing any special audio/visual expertise.

Every installation is reliable, easy to operate, and performs to expectations.

Need more information. Please feel free to fill out our simple contact form.

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