Boulder Hyatt

Boulder Hyatt

Boulder Hyatt

The new Hyatt Place in Boulder has just opened.  Atmosphere Audio/Video is proud to have been selected as part of a team to supply the Hyatt with a highly intelligent, sophisticated, reliable audio distribution system that is both robust enough to handle the ever changing audio/video needs of the hotel as well as being streamline and easy for both staff and guests to use.

The system supplies music and audio to an assortment of common areas, conference rooms, the pool and gymnasium.  Each of the specific zones have their own audio source and volume control.  One song may be playing in the lobby, while multiple conferences are being held on the second floor, each one with their own specific audio needs. Meanwhile, separate audio sources are being delivered to the pool area and gym.

Atmosphere Audio/Video designed a system based around a BSS SoundWeb London audio distribution zone mixer to deliver reliable audio from a primary audio source such as DMX Pandora, and or a back-up source such as a local MP3 player to multiple locations inside and outside the hotel, providing more individualized control of each zone and sub-zone..

The BSS Audio systems allow for full modular audio controls, equalization, compression, microphone gating and other DSP (Digital Sound Processing) based tools. System installation included Crown amplifiers and JBL speakers which are world renowned for audio quality and long term reliability. BSS Audio systems are very open-ended and can have network based controls running off an iPad added quite easily.

Music and audio in all the common areas of the hotel are controlled by a BSS Controller located in the equipment rack. Audio source switching and volume control in each area of the hotel is controlled with wall mounted BSS control interface. All controllers are clearly labeled for source selection and have a lockout feature enabled to allow for access only by approved staff as determined by the Hyatt Place management.

Something cool we added were two “scenes” programmed into the system. These” scenes” are defined as a day scene and a night scene. Audio levels will drop at a user defined time for night time use and brought back up for daytime operation automatically.

Audio in the conference rooms and in the gym are controlled in each individual room via a wall mounted controller. Special switching for the gym allows for the primary audio source to be selected by Hyatt Place Management. Volume control in the gym is limited to a safe level as determined collaboratively between the installation team and Hyatt Place Management.

Conference rooms are controlled in each individual room via a wall mounted controller. Switching in the conference rooms includes local audio input from a customer’s device (Laptop, iPad, Deejay) and the primary audio source as selected by Hyatt Place Management.


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