Pre-wiring your home or business while it is under construction is highly recommended. Working alongside the builders, audio and video cabling can be easily run throughout your home or business. Audio visual wiring is less labor intensive and usually less expensive during construction, rather than after drywall has been put up.


In a preliminary walk-through of the site, audio, video, and information services will be located and planned for the installation. Plans will be made in conjunction with construction dates so as not to cause excess traffic. After drywall is hung and the home is nearly ready, another return trip is made to attach wall plates and cable outlets for media components. Finally, when the home theater is ready to be put into place, all components will be assembled, programmed, and harmonized. The customer is always given a thorough walk-through of their new system including a simple customized remote.


Retro-fitting modernizes any home or business allowing for modernized audio and video solutions. The process involves carefully planned distribution of cabling from a centralized location and from systems locations to each speaker and TV location. All holes are fitted with wall plates and coverings for clean appearances that blend with the home’s design. We are focused on leaving a home fully updated and ready for tomorrow, without any hint of our having been there.

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