Point 21 Project

Point 21 Project

Point 21 Project

Point 21 is one of LoDo’s newest apartment buildings offering brand new one and two-bedroom apartment homes located in downtown Denver.
The Lower Downtown Historic District is the city’s hub for nightlife and culture. With everything you need right outside their doorstep, Point 21 offers the pinnacle of living at the epicenter of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhood.


Atmosphere Audio Video did a multiple number of innovative installations on this apartment complex project. Audio and video were to be distributed to a verity of common living areas like the pool deck, workout room and rooftop patio. Two mechanical rooms were designated to hold individual portions of the audio/video distribution system.

The first location would control the majority of all the audio/video distribution. This configuration included a Sonos audio system which would send audio to the community common area, the pool deck, the workout area and a second smaller outdoor sitting area. A digital cable signal was also distributed to those same areas via this central location.

The second location houses all the equipment to distribute audio and video to the rooftop patio. The setups on both systems are very similar and very little space is need to accommodate the equipment racks.


Television signage was a requirement for the Lobby to display helpful information to residents. For this we mounted a 60 inch television on a wall next to the elevators and it work perfect for this application. Digital signage software was connected to the television allowing the management at Point 21 full control over the lobby signage and messaging.

Point 21 Common Area

On the second floor three 55 inch televisions were mounted and four in-ceiling speakers were installed in the common community area. We mounted one of the three televisions on a glass tile wall above a self serve coffee station. It looked fantastic standing out against the glass tiles.


The other two televisions for this space were mounted on a long horizontal wall made of wood block ends. This made the perfect backdrop for the two televisions. A cable signal distribution system was built so a person in the common area could simply walk up to a key pad and select the audio and or video they wished.



Across the hall from the community common area is the workout are for the complex. A 50 inch television was mounted in the gym and four in-ceiling speakers were also mounted in this space with accompanying audio/video controls.

One of the cooler features of Point 21 is it’s rooftop patio which boasts a very impressive view of Coors Field, the lower downtown skyline and a majority of the front range. The patio comes complete with a large pergola, over-sized patio settings, a gas grill and a 50 inch Sunbrite television which we mounted under the pergola. Two large JBL outdoor speakers were also mounted to the pergola for the full party deck experience. The same audio/video control system used in the common area and the gym was also implemented for the patio.


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