Smoking Gun Apothecary

Smoking Gun Apothecary

Smoking Gun Apothecary

The Smoking Gun Apothecary is Denver Metro’s leading late night dispensary and anti-prohibition museum.

Hoping to become one of Colorado’s major marijuana tourist attraction the Smoking Gun has worked to create a unique shopping experience with friendly, knowledgeable budtenders that make this dispensary one of the premier destination in the Denver metro area.

Our main focus on this particular project was to provide the Smoking Gun with a variety of digital signage pieces that could be used to display relevant information to their customers. In the main reception room along one wall we installed three large 60 inch digital signage monitors in portrait mode displaying historical information on the impact of prohibition and our country’s war on drugs. On the opposite wall behind the receptionist we mounted a 70 inch digital signage monitor that displays graphical content outlining current specials and upcoming events.

Once customers have signed in they enter the bud showroom through a speakeasy-style hidden doorway into a large throwback showroom constructed to resemble the Hibernia Bank, an 1870’s bank from New Orleans.  Lining the walls of the showroom we installed nine 40 inch digital signage monitors on articulating mounts.

Each of these digital signage monitors has the ability to display any graphical image that the staff needs to present. Most of these panels depict product information, relevant content and or product pricing. A back-end computer software system was installed so staff members can easily upload new graphics and or data for display. Each panel can have its own display information or they can all be programmed to display the same graphics.

As part of our initial installation we also installed a simple yet robust sound system that distributes audio to both the reception area as well as the showroom. Video signage was the primary focus of this project so the sound system was tailored back for the Smoking Guns specific needs. Background music was our main goal in these areas. However, if the need arises, the sound system is fully capable of rocking out and prepared for future expansion.

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